Roasted Tomato & Pesto Breakfast Sandwich

I was at Panera recently and as an avid egg white-avoider, I was surprised when their Mediterranean egg white sandwich actually sounded good! So I decided to make u own version that yielded several servings instead of the $4 and some change one-serving they have. Roasted Tomatoes Tomatoes, from papa’s garden, chopped 1 TB olive […]

The Pescatarian Pantry

I often get asked, “what do you eat? What’s in your pantry?” Well, I keep lots of dried beans (black, kidney, garbanzo) and lentils on hand at all times. I also keep a variety of protein packed grains such as: farro, cracked wheat, brown rice, quinoa, red winter berries. I store these in airtight jars […]

Quinoa Brittle

You know peanut brittle? This is its unrefined, peanut free, high protein version… and it’s easy! 2 ingredients give you the base (quinoa and agave) and there limitless possibilities from there! I added pistachios and cinnamon for this version. It is great on its own as a little candy (imagine the sweet sesame candies….but quinoa […]

Chia & Oat Granola (with no refined sugar or ingredients!)

Chia seeds. These little seeds, about 1/10 the size of a piece of rice, are packed with omega-3s, ALA, protein, and fiber. The coolest thing about these little guys is they kind of “gel” when left in a liquid or liquid type substance. Imagine the inside of fresh aloe-but not so much slime. When you […]

First Anniversary & Quick Veg Dinners

Last weekend (January 21-23), we celebrated our first anniversary! Wow how time flies. I LOVE this picture of my dad kissing me before giving me away to the man of my dreams a year ago. Pancakes seem to be a honeymoon/anniversary tradition that we must keep. Russell started our weekend off with homemade organic kamut […]

Ginger & Flax Mango Smoothie

I needed an afternoon blood sugar pick me up and this is what I came up with: Ginger & Flax Mango Smoothie 2 Frozen mango & lime squares (it’s what I had on hand, it’s ingredients are simple-puréed organic mango and organic lime juice. Actually it’s baby food-who cares?) Strawberries Blackberries Half a banana Grated […]

Inexpensive Vegetarian Eating

When I hear people say that it’s expensive to be vegetarian, I laugh. It is expensive if you are buying a lot of packaged and convenience foods. But if you shop for bulk grains and nuts, and follow produce deals, you will actually decrease your grocery bill. At least I have. I do eat fish, […]