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First Anniversary & Quick Veg Dinners

Last weekend (January 21-23), we celebrated our first anniversary! Wow how time flies. I LOVE this picture of my dad kissing me before giving me away to the man of my dreams a year ago. Pancakes seem to be a honeymoon/anniversary tradition that we must keep. Russell started our weekend off with homemade organic kamut […]

Ginger & Flax Mango Smoothie

I needed an afternoon blood sugar pick me up and this is what I came up with: Ginger & Flax Mango Smoothie 2 Frozen mango & lime squares (it’s what I had on hand, it’s ingredients are simple-puréed organic mango and organic lime juice. Actually it’s baby food-who cares?) Strawberries Blackberries Half a banana Grated […]

Inexpensive Vegetarian Eating

When I hear people say that it’s expensive to be vegetarian, I laugh. It is expensive if you are buying a lot of packaged and convenience foods. But if you shop for bulk grains and nuts, and follow produce deals, you will actually decrease your grocery bill. At least I have. I do eat fish, […]

Farro and Lentils with Ginger

I adapted this recipe from Fine Cooking. I have many friends and family doing the Daniel Fast, which is basically a 21 vegan fast, praying and growing closer to God. I ran up on this recipe and thought it would be delicious served cold over baby arugula. So for those of you on the DF, […]