Fragoli & a Keytar

Give me a bowl of sun ripened sweet fragoli and I will give you a Non-Pentecostal side-hug [insert Springville Camp memories here]. Give me 2 bags full of fresh locally grown produce from the farmers market for half of what it retails for at the chain grocery stores, I will whip you up a colorful, […]

It’s not Italiano, Cajun Pasta

So I have been a married woman, a Mrs., etc, for an entire month now. I love it! I love having someone to cook for who appreciates even my kitchen experiments! He is a good sport. Hopefully I won’t be stuck at home being a housewife for long, but until then, I do feel the […]

Define good food for 10 points.

Let’s get a couple of things laid out. First of all, I love to eat. Wait, scratch that, I love to eat GOOD food; good for you and good to my taste my buds (and sometimes my cravings apply to the latter and not the former… I’m human, forgive me). Secondly, I love to cook […]