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The Pescatarian Pantry

I often get asked, “what do you eat? What’s in your pantry?” Well, I keep lots of dried beans (black, kidney, garbanzo) and lentils on hand at all times. I also keep a variety of protein packed grains such as: farro, cracked wheat, brown rice, quinoa, red winter berries. I store these in airtight jars for easy access and I can see what’s in them! I also keep whole wheat pasta on hand to add veggies and parm for a 10 minute meal.

I also keep lots of frozen veggies on hand to whip up: brussel sprouts, frozen onions and peppers, green beans, cut up sweet potatoes, Lima beans, edamame, etc. Not pictured: we have a variety of frozen fish that eat 1-2 times a week.

I whipped up a quick nontraditional veggie phở. It’s simple! In one pot add: veggie broth, sirancha (for some heat), charred onion, carrots, kale, green onions, fresh basil and cilantro, grated garlic and ginger, and soba noodles added at the end. I didn’t add any salt because the veggie broth had some already. This stuff can really open up your sinuses and is an easy way to get lots of veggies at once!

It took me back to my days in Nam. No, really. Vietnam. Where families of 5 ride on a motor bike, chicken is cleaned and served up streetside (I’m really surprised I still ate meat for 2 years after this), exotic fruit is cheap and plentiful, students are precious, and sunsets at Ha Long Bay reduce the fear of the 8 foot men of war jelly fish swarming the boat you are staying on for a weekend! Here’s a quick tour de Vietnam for your enjoyment:







Back to the phở. This soup is served up at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. More traditionally, the broth is made from scratch, has star anise and other spices, and has chicken or beef in it.

Lastly, I served up my phở with some flavored water with lime and orange and a high protein lemon and blueberry muffin for dessert made with no refined sugar, greek yogurt, raw sprouted-grain protein powder, egg whites, wheat bran, flax seeds, wheat flour, and oats.

Flavored waters have really been a hit at my house over the last few weeks (minus the couple of days with a stomach virus and overnight at the H for fluids and good meds thru the IV). My favorite flavor combo is strawberry and basil. I slice up some berries, toss in some torn basil leaves, and add water. I also like to take one green tea bag and steep in a cold pitcher of water and add some orange slices. No added sugars, flavors, or colors and tastes like summer!

I’m going back on the insulin pump. I am hoping I like this medtronic because I loved the way my old animas worked… Not so sure about this one.

Oh, did I mention my a1c (fellow T1Ds would know) was 6.4?! For those who don’t know-it’s an awesome diabetes blood test result. When the family starts expanding in the next year or so-that number will be very important and critical… And right now, I’m dominating the beetuhs like a boss.


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