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Fragoli & a Keytar

Give me a bowl of sun ripened sweet fragoli and I will give you a Non-Pentecostal side-hug [insert Springville Camp memories here]. Give me 2 bags full of fresh locally grown produce from the farmers market for half of what it retails for at the chain grocery stores, I will whip you up a colorful, […]

Kale Chips Taste Like Grass

After battling the flu for a week and the prescribed remedy, Tamiflu (awful, horrible Rx that causes vomiting), I am finally up and back to myself! After learning the King’s Dance and Warrior III yoga poses today, I felt pretty accomplished. I still have not jumped off the vegetarian bandwagon, and now that I am […]

HealthIER No Bake Chocolate & PB Cookies

Remember those no bake cookies on the side of the Hershey’s Cocoa box? The tasty ones with oatmeal and peanut butter? Yea, you know the ones. Try this tasty alternative to the classic recipe and get some good fiber and flax oil in the process 🙂 I promise you can’t taste the healthy add-ins an […]