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First Anniversary & Quick Veg Dinners

The top inner layer was italian cream from his groom's cake, and the bottom was a strawberry layer from my cake.

Last weekend (January 21-23), we celebrated our first anniversary! Wow how time flies.

I LOVE this picture of my dad kissing me before giving me away to the man of my dreams a year ago.

Pancakes seem to be a honeymoon/anniversary tradition that we must keep. Russell started our weekend off with homemade organic kamut blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup. Then we ventured to Atlanta for an Anjelah Johnson comedy show that night and the curtain close of Annie the following afternoon. Oh, and I can’t forget my new love for Trader Joe’s! They have TONS of veg products including my favorite-soyrizo! Then back to reality with class and homework Monday. As with the first anniversary tradition, we dug into a preserved year old cake! C

Since then, administrative ethics, processes, and law have consumed my time. My free time, my social time, my sleeping time, my gym time, my cooking time… you get the picture. So in an effort to sum up the quick and convenient veg dinners my husband and I enjoyed the past week or two (minus the yummy italian and sushi we had on our trip), here is a visual diary:

I’ve soaked some black beans to toss in with some quinoa and soyrizo and throw on a wheat tortilla for a quick dinner before class! Even Russell likes soyrizo. Between now and the next 43 cups of coffee I have, eat and enjoy. Play with your food and utilize leftovers. Ciao Ciao!

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