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Celery & Apple Lemonade

Do you ever get your mind stuck on something? Celery? Odd, I know, but about 10am and a cup and a half of coffee into my day, I wanted something cold, celery-y, and citrusy. And from this, a celery and apple lemonade was born. Celery is mostly water, but don’t be fooled. It helps lower […]

Salt & Vinegar Roasted (Crunchy) Chickpeas

So, I embarked on a journey to find a healthier way to satisfy my love for salt & vinegar [insert potato chips or almonds here]. I have been wanting to try roasted chickpeas, being enticed by the crunch factor. If I make these again,  I will soak them longer than 30 minutes because the vinegar […]

Gluten Free Quinoa & Greek Yogurt Double Chocolate Muffins

A gluten-free, unrefined quinoa and greek yogurt double chocolate muffin. It’s fiberlicious goodness is complete with flax seeds+wheat bran+eggs from grandpa’s chickens+ground oats+quinoa+too much time on my hands. *To be sure these are gluten free, make sure your products say gluten free to be sure! Confession: husband is out of town and I’m on spring […]

Vegan Red Beans & Rice

I adapted Emeril’s Red Beans & Rice recipe to suit my dietary needs and taste buds. And who better to follow cajun cuisine than Emeril, himself? Use a crockpot overnight to make it easier and awake to a cajun-scented kitchen. Okay, maybe I didn’t want to wake up to cajun food-but after church I appreciated the effort. […]

Quinoa Brittle

You know peanut brittle? This is its unrefined, peanut free, high protein version… and it’s easy! 2 ingredients give you the base (quinoa and agave) and there limitless possibilities from there! I added pistachios and cinnamon for this version. It is great on its own as a little candy (imagine the sweet sesame candies….but quinoa […]