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A Turk, an Italian, and an Indian walk into a…

A Turk, an Italian, and an Indian walk into a… Just kidding. But these nationalities do have something in common. A dish from each was featured on our dinner plate! We had tabouli, baked cannellini beans in tomatoes, and baked samosas. Oh, and I gave those sweet potato and millet muffins a trial run. Success! […]

I thought meal planning was for moms…

We made a coastal favorite, red beans & rice, last night. Typically, conecuh sausage goes in with the red beans and seasonings, but instead, Russell grilled some and and kept it to the side for himself. And of course, we used brown rice. Those who say they don’t like brown rice, I just don’t get […]

Storms bring QT

These are the days I cherish the most. Rainy days when the power flickers and the color of my sauvignon mirrors my mood. If only a fire flickered, this night would be complete. In the hustle and bustle of our new life, sometimes it is hard to find time to just be with one another, […]

Candied Ginger Pears

I came to a revelation last night. As my husband and I cuddled on the couch, I realized I was hungry. After all I had eaten, how could I be hungry? Those starchy white potatoes broke down into sugar and made me hungry. So thats when I heated up some brown basmati rice and sprinkled […]

Going Veg, Day 5 & 6 *farmers market*

Yesterday we celebrated being married for 6 months 🙂 Yay us! We decided to splurge and eat out, so we ended up going to Panera. We could eat & I could work on editing my mother’s book afterwards, since I had Friday off from work. I had some yummy pesto vegetable soup and a greek […]

Going Veg, Day 4 *Marinated Slaw

We had a few leftovers so I did not have to cook tonight. A well deserved break from my long cooking night yesterday. I did marinate some chopped cabbage in red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, EVOO, scallions, & herbs. This coleslaw is a great sub for mayo based flaws and it’s wayyyy better. If […]

Going Veg, Day 3 *Shitake Potstickers*

Going Veg, Day 3 *Shitake Potstickers*

Started the day with some delciousness topped with peanut butter and local blueberries. This got me ready for day 3 at the new job as well! I am working at a local church and I really enjoy the people I work with and the pastor. God had good timing with this job because Monday, Russell […]