Life as a Mrs.

I am not broken

I am not broken. Our journey to start our family began over a year ago. I was going to come off of birth control in June. I was hopefully going to be pregnant in a few months and we were going to be parents in the Spring. That was my plan. I had it all […]

The Pescatarian Pantry

I often get asked, “what do you eat? What’s in your pantry?” Well, I keep lots of dried beans (black, kidney, garbanzo) and lentils on hand at all times. I also keep a variety of protein packed grains such as: farro, cracked wheat, brown rice, quinoa, red winter berries. I store these in airtight jars […]

Quinoa Brittle

You know peanut brittle? This is its unrefined, peanut free, high protein version… and it’s easy! 2 ingredients give you the base (quinoa and agave) and there limitless possibilities from there! I added pistachios and cinnamon for this version. It is great on its own as a little candy (imagine the sweet sesame candies….but quinoa […]

Yoga, Kale, & Middle Eastern Fiction

After what seemed to be a short weekend, Monday crept in on my Sunday. Sigh. But an enjoyable Monday nonetheless. After spending time with my grandmother in Montgomery shopping, all hale the non ATL venue, my husband and I brought mashed potatoes to their most healthy state. Non รจ possibile, ma… but with kale, all […]

Fragoli & a Keytar

Give me a bowl of sun ripened sweet fragoli and I will give you a Non-Pentecostal side-hug [insert Springville Camp memories here]. Give me 2 bags full of fresh locally grown produce from the farmers market for half of what it retails for at the chain grocery stores, I will whip you up a colorful, […]

I thought meal planning was for moms…

We made a coastal favorite, red beans & rice, last night. Typically, conecuh sausage goes in with the red beans and seasonings, but instead, Russell grilled some and and kept it to the side for himself. And of course, we used brown rice. Those who say they don’t like brown rice, I just don’t get […]

Storms bring QT

These are the days I cherish the most. Rainy days when the power flickers and the color of my sauvignon mirrors my mood. If only a fire flickered, this night would be complete. In the hustle and bustle of our new life, sometimes it is hard to find time to just be with one another, […]