Glorious Carbs

Roasted Tomato & Pesto Breakfast Sandwich

I was at Panera recently and as an avid egg white-avoider, I was surprised when their Mediterranean egg white sandwich actually sounded good! So I decided to make u own version that yielded several servings instead of the $4 and some change one-serving they have. Roasted Tomatoes Tomatoes, from papa’s garden, chopped 1 TB olive […]

Chia & Oat Granola (with no refined sugar or ingredients!)

Chia seeds. These little seeds, about 1/10 the size of a piece of rice, are packed with omega-3s, ALA, protein, and fiber. The coolest thing about these little guys is they kind of “gel” when left in a liquid or liquid type substance. Imagine the inside of fresh aloe-but not so much slime. When you […]

Farro and Lentils with Ginger

I adapted this recipe from Fine Cooking. I have many friends and family doing the Daniel Fast, which is basically a 21 vegan fast, praying and growing closer to God. I ran up on this recipe and thought it would be delicious served cold over baby arugula. So for those of you on the DF, […]

Yoga, Kale, & Middle Eastern Fiction

After what seemed to be a short weekend, Monday crept in on my Sunday. Sigh. But an enjoyable Monday nonetheless. After spending time with my grandmother in Montgomery shopping, all hale the non ATL venue, my husband and I brought mashed potatoes to their most healthy state. Non รจ possibile, ma… but with kale, all […]

Mahi Fish Tacos & Fiberlicious Oatmeal

On a non-culinary note, I finished editing my mother’s first book. Success I would say! I did all of the content editing after mom had the grammar and punctuation edited by a professional. I reduced the 460 page book down to 430 pages, now I can add “editor” to my repertoire. We have moved from […]

Fire Roasted Tomato Basil Soup & Tiramisu

Cooking is one thing that I will always love. It is my out. I dream of a huge kitchen with open windows, industrial style appliances, and a big long dining room table to entertain. I would choose a larger kitchen over a larger living room any day. We have enjoyed homemade pizza with flax seed […]

Fragoli & a Keytar

Give me a bowl of sun ripened sweet fragoli and I will give you a Non-Pentecostal side-hug [insert Springville Camp memories here]. Give me 2 bags full of fresh locally grown produce from the farmers market for half of what it retails for at the chain grocery stores, I will whip you up a colorful, […]