What forever means

We often toss around the word forever. What it means to one, it may not to another. For my family, forever means something difficult to put into words. Forever means finally falling sleep each night knowing our son will be our son forever, instead of falling asleep wondering if tomorrow or next week will be the […]

When I can’t build “that wall”

Before you get a placement, it’s easy to be theoretical. “I’ll love the child, but I’ll build a wall so I don’t get too attached.” “I’ll be a foster mom, not a real mom, so it won’t be hard.” Not quite. The moment my husband took our foster child out of the car, I cried. […]

Waiting and Getting Our Feet Wet!

In honor of National Adoption Month and National Diabetes Month (via proclamation from President Obama, whoop whoop!) I feel like it’s my month! Oh ok, and it’s our 6lb peek-a-poo’s birthday, my birthday, and my husband’s birthday. Ergo, my month! Waiting is the least fun part of the process. The paperwork, the home-study, the autobiographies…waiting […]

Small Group. Family. Friends. Support.

Support. I’ve mentioned the importance of it before, so I thought I would elaborate. Small Group. My husband and I attend an amazing church where loving people is only second to loving Jesus. Because of its size, the importance of small groups (make a big church small by engaging in fellowship) is emphasized. I’m in […]

It’s Official! We are licensed foster & adoptive parents!

It’s here, it’s here! Today is the day we have become licensed foster and adoptive parents with our county DHR! It’s been a process and I’ve learned patience (that will be a necessity from here on out). We turned in our initial application with DHR at the end of March, finished the training course at […]

The Nursery

As we near the (hopefully) last home visit tomorrow as a part of our licensure as foster/adoptive parents, I am a bundle of nerves. Prayers are certainly appreciated! We finally put the crib up last night. I won’t lie, I cried as I laid the teddy bear my dad bought on crib. It’s real. It’s […]

GPS Process: A Labor of Love

Preparing to foster and adopt through DHR is not without it’s fair share of paperwork. At a glance it was overwhelming, however our social worker has spread it out over our 10 week course which has made it very manageable. Speaking of our social worker-I’ve heard horror stories in the past about them, however ours […]