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tid bit of info

Long walks on the bea…

Ok, I really to enjoy long walks on the beach, just ask my other half, Russell! Speaking of Russell, we are so much alike, it’s scary sometimes. He amazes me everyday and I couldn’t ask for someone better in my life.

My sister and I both have type 1 diabetes. I have never let it hold me back from anything and I don’t ever intend to let it.

I love to travel! I studied abroad in Italy in 2008. While there I traveled all Italy and spent weekends in Ireland, Greece, Spain, Germany, and London. I have an unearthly obsession with European culture. I graduated from Auburn University in 3 years with a Bachelor’s in Political Science and a minor in Italian Studies. I can speak Italian, but I am not as sharp or as fluent as I was.

After graduating, I taught English in Ha Noi, Vietnam for a summer. That experience was a very difficult one, but completely worth it.

“More of You [Jesus], less of me.” -John 3:30. I love the Lord and I love to worship.

And for those of you who don’t understand the B.Rae and “the beetuhs” name… just ask Wilford Brimley about his “dia-bee-tuhs.”


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