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What forever means

We often toss around the word forever. What it means to one, it may not to another. For my family, forever means something difficult to put into words.

Forever means finally falling sleep each night knowing our son will be our son forever, instead of falling asleep wondering if tomorrow or next week will be the last time we hold him.

Forever means our son has our last name. It means that my husband and I will forever have the same worries as any parent: will he grow to be a man of integrity, character, and compassion?

Forever means that a young woman made some incredible decisions in the midst of an unimaginable situation. It means our son’s birth mother is loved beyond reason.

Forever means I am mommy & my husband is daddy to the most amazing child, our son.

Forever means many years to come with love from grandparents, a great-grandmother, uncles and aunts, cousins, friends and a godmother.

Forever means no more: monthly social worker visits, permission forms to take him out of state, and odd looks at the doc when his last name differs from ours.

Forever also means writing “unknown” on family history sections of medical paperwork at the doctor.

It means knowing he is adopted and is loved by two mommies, birth and adoptive.

Forever means so much more than this and this mommy’s cup overflows wth joy. Adopting from foster care has been tough, but every tough moment is outweighed by the love and joy of our son, by sweet moments shared as a family, and by remembering that becoming a family didn’t happen by chance.

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