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Waiting and Getting Our Feet Wet!

In honor of National Adoption Month and National Diabetes Month (via proclamation from President Obama, whoop whoop!) I feel like it’s my month! Oh ok, and it’s our 6lb peek-a-poo’s birthday, my birthday, and my husband’s birthday. Ergo, my month!

Waiting is the least fun part of the process. The paperwork, the home-study, the autobiographies…waiting takes the cake as worst. We worked so hard to get everything finished so quickly only to wait.

This has made me search deeper and grow more in Christ. It’s made me depend not only on my husband for strength, but on the peace that Jesus has for us. I know that He is good. I know that by being in the center of His will, our waiting is only a small piece of the puzzle.

We were able to do respite care last weekend (respite is basically temp care for the foster parents who have the child(ren) in their home). It was a wonderful experience and the kiddos were excellent. They broke me heart, I cried when they left (yes, only after 24 hours), they were a joy, and I am so grateful their current foster mother sends me pictures and keeps me updated.

We had craft time, went to the pumpkin patch, made dinner, made cookies, watched movies, colored with chalk, drew the world’s longest hopscotch, and did cartwheels (which I don’t recommend doing a front handspring if you haven’t done one in 10 years, just trust me, or don’t trust me and ice a pulled muscle for a week).

I can’t wait to see their journey end with permanency. It was great being a mommy for a weekend, now let’s make this thing happen for good!

Happy Sunday!

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