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Small Group. Family. Friends. Support.

Support. I’ve mentioned the importance of it before, so I thought I would elaborate.

Small Group. My husband and I attend an amazing church where loving people is only second to loving Jesus. Because of its size, the importance of small groups (make a big church small by engaging in fellowship) is emphasized.
I’m in a small group with a group of young women all facing infertility and/or on an adoption journey. We text each other throughout the week, pray for needs and discernment, and lift each other up. We are all in different stages of adoption (from just considering to waiting on that baby!) and our journeys are different. One is waiting on a domestic infant adoption. We are waiting on a foster placement and hopefully an adoption through the foster system. Another is considering an international adoption. Our routes are different. Our routes are beautiful. I love these ladies and I am so happy to share our journeys with each other. Not to mention we get together every 2 weeks to drink coffee, eat dessert, and chat! Anything is possible with coffee and friends.

Family. From the beginning (both struggling to get pregnant and the official “we’re adopting” stage) my parents have been standing by our side. My dad even bought the first gift for our child before we even started the foster classes. When I created a wish list for myself, my mom found it online and bought a few essentials for us. It was the thoughtfulness behind her gifts that meant something, not the gifts, that revealed her excitement and support. She gets excited about stopping by and looking at anything new we put in the nursery. She tears when we talk about the future kiddo(s) we will adopt. It’s so good to have this.

My sister, brother, their spouses-they constantly asks us if we’ve heard anything or if we need anything. They pray over us. They cover us with love. They are ready to go to the store at 3 am for diapers and onesies if we get a call (or pull ups and t shirts if it’s a toddler). I see joy when they ask. I see love when offer. This kind of love can’t be replaced and this journey wouldn’t be the same without them.
Oh, and I love that my grandmother and I can have hour long chats about adoption. We have a special bond, as adoptive mamas. Adoption is in our blood 🙂

Friends. I have friends who are more like family. Like my family, they ask for updates. They ask what we need. They surprise with little happies. They make me cry because I realize I have some of the best friends in the world. I couldn’t do this without the love and caring hearts of my friends.

Online. This is the type of support I didn’t think would mean much. I was kidding myself. There’s a world of mommy bloggers (both experienced and non-experienced) with wise words. I have learned to look at things from a different perspective: words that hurt or bother me, discovering triggers and addressing them, or dealing with disappointment.

How can you support us? You can love us. You can pray for us. Pray for the child(ren) that will be placed with us. Talk to us! The random text messages make the days of waiting easier and more bearable, even random funny ones. Laughter is good for the soul.


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