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The Nursery

As we near the (hopefully) last home visit tomorrow as a part of our licensure as foster/adoptive parents, I am a bundle of nerves. Prayers are certainly appreciated! We finally put the crib up last night. I won’t lie, I cried as I laid the teddy bear my dad bought on crib. It’s real. It’s tangible. It’s empty.

photo 1

The crib was certainly a labor as I am not meant for the furniture painting business. The story of the crib is dear to my heart. It was referred to me by a friend who saw it online. I met a sweet young woman in a parking lot to exchange a little cash for her used crib. The beauty of the story is that she was a former foster child herself, adopted as a teenager, and now the crib will be used by a foster/adoptive child in our home. I get teary eyed thinking how it has become full circle in a way.

As I stare at the gender-neutral bedding I fell in love with, on a crib that was stripped, sanded, primed, and painted by myself and my amazing hard-working husband-I pray that if it is just one child, or many, that each child that lay their head on the crib feel loved, safe, secure, and feel the loving arms of two parents who want the best for them.

I am anxious and excited. Nervous and happy. Fearful and trusting. I can’t ask for enough prayers and good vibes our way.

One comment on “The Nursery

  1. Praying for your big day! The crib story brought me to tears. God works wonders and in mysterious ways. God will bless and the child that lays his/her head in the crib will feel safe. Love is all they need and want to feel secure. You will do just fine and I know both of you will love abundantly and it will show. Thinking and praying for you guys.

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