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Fragoli & a Keytar

Give me a bowl of sun ripened sweet fragoli and I will give you a Non-Pentecostal side-hug [insert Springville Camp memories here]. Give me 2 bags full of fresh locally grown produce from the farmers market for half of what it retails for at the chain grocery stores, I will whip you up a colorful, flavorful, delicious meal. 20110821-070658.jpg

Take me to a concert where just watching the drummer jam out and the main guy jump around to several instruments-including a keytar-while displaying unbelievable musical talent, il will probably say you took me to a MUTEMATH concert. I knew fairly little about them, but now that I’ve seen them once, I am itching to go see them again! The music was amazing, but the performance was show in itself. I probably should confess that we went- with a small group of friends-for some post concert wafflehouse. I cannot say that I regret my chocolate chip waffle. It was amazing (and made with quality ingre… wait, no it wasn’t); but delicious nonetheless. I did a little fruit detoxing for breakfast and dinner tonight though! 20110821-071135.jpg

After a great worship service this morning, Russell and I met my parents in Atmore, about 60 miles from Mobile and about 180 miles from Auburn, for lunch! It has been a few weeks since we’ve seen them, so I was ecstatic when dad suggested lunch. After we ate, I stuck $2 in a quarter machine and won a nice little bonus! I promise to pay my tithes on it :).

To sum up last week, we had homemade pizza and an Asian stir fry with brown rice: 20110821-071944.jpg

I also threw together a vegan Cajun pasta (I just “veganized” the Pioneer Woman’s Cajun chicken pasta) using coconut milk instead of heavy cream and leaving the chicken out and adding squash and baby portabellos.



Oh, and have you tried Boca’s Chick’n patties? I made one and put on a wheat bun with BBQ sauce and pickles-and I had a better than Chik Fil A sandwich, no joke. Now I’m certain I don’t need meat anymore! With that said, Boca brand is highly processed, so a Chick’n Patty won’t be a regular indulgence, but for a quick fix for a craving, it is my new go-to food. I still haven’t tried the Gardein products in my freezer, but I will! They are less processed than Boca, so seem like a better option. But still, tempeh or quinoa are better options.

Now for a little meal planning and quality time with the most handsome man I know! Ciao a tutti!


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