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Kale Chips Taste Like Grass

After battling the flu for a week and the prescribed remedy, Tamiflu (awful, horrible Rx that causes vomiting), I am finally up and back to myself! After learning the King’s Dance and Warrior III yoga poses today, I felt pretty accomplished.
I still have not jumped off the vegetarian bandwagon, and now that I am feeling better, I am REALLY feeling better. Besides taking less long acting insulin, my biggest rave about this lifestyle change is the fact that I sleep peacefully and wake up well rested. I used to take 1 or 2 Benedryl at night, just to fall asleep, otherwise my mind raced for hours, which led to a sluggish, useless day ahead. On another note, I honestly think that my digestive system is happier because it is not having to work as hard to digest meat combined with non meat meal items; which I also believe is why I sleep better, because my body is not working to digest food as I lay my head on my pillow. Instead, it is rested and letting my body and mind drift off to the land of snoozing and unicorns (or whatever dream I am having).

Now, to the kale chips… I washed one bunch of kale, dried it with a paper towel, tore it into bite size pieces, and sprinkled it with ground sunflower seeds (for flavor) and celtic sea salt. I dehydrated at 115 degrees for 3 hours. It was a crunchy texture, but it tasted like grass to me. I know it’s full of wonderful stuff my body needs, but alone, it does not satisfy my craving for salty & savory snacks. I did crunch it up ad sprinkle it on my salad for some texture. But I probably won’t take the trip down kale chip road again anytime soon. One flop in almost 4 and a half weeks… I can handle that 🙂
*But if you want to give your dehydrator a workout: homemade, no sugar added fruit leather and dried mango slices (don’t add sugar or ANYTHING, dried mango is delicious AS IS). Dried apples, nectarines, and other fruits are the way to go!

Oh, and just before anyone jumps on the “you’re not eating meat, so that’s why you got the flu” train, keep in mind a couple of things. One, this whole experiment (perhaps permanent) has opened my mind to so many foods and using food to not only satisfy cravings, but to get the nutrients I need from plant based sources, and to make cooking and eating a pleasure, not a chore. I love messing around in the kitchen, checking out food blogs, and taking hints from others. For me, that’s fun. Then again, I used to chop and dice my apples while watching Martha Stewart chop and dice her delectable creations. And two, Type 1 diabetes compromises my immune system anyway, so combine that with working at a church and spending part of the day in the daycare doing bookkeeping-the kids there become disease carriers in my book; and guess who caught some flu germs?

I have to give props to my wonderful husband. Last week, not only did he cook food with me in mind, but he even took his lunch break to make me brown rice and beans. Thank you Russell, you are a blessing. Thursday, after I left Urgent Care (for the 2nd time that week) and got a liter of fluids via IV, he picked us up dinner from Cracker Barrel. Mmmm, country veggies at their finest. I can’t be positive I didn’t slurp up some bacon grease somewhere in my meal, but I picked out bits of pork in my beans.

Now, I found Gardein products on sale at Winn Dixie and $1 coupons on Gardein’s website, so for $2 each, I can try two of their products. We shall see how it goes! I can pronounce and recognize all of the ingredients on the package, so I am going to say it is less processed than some other alternative options. It’s packed with protein from quinoa, amaranth, and millet, and flavored with beet root, amongst other delicious veggies. There is nothing of the label that says “and natural flavorings.” Everything is spelled out in a short list of identifiable ingredients. This, I like.
**I found this AMAZING website, Finding Vegan. Finding Vegan has tons of recipes that make me salivate. One being a version of Larabars… I can’t wait to get my hands on some dates and whip these little babies up. Mmmmm. I am not even vegan, but this website may change my mind.

For tonight, ciao a tutti! Go eat something that makes your body feel good and your tongue say thank you 🙂 Oh, and I apologize for any typos, I am sleepy and refuse to proofread this. I hope you accept my non-apology.

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