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HealthIER No Bake Chocolate & PB Cookies

Remember those no bake cookies on the side of the Hershey’s Cocoa box? The tasty ones with oatmeal and peanut butter? Yea, you know the ones.

Try this tasty alternative to the classic recipe and get some good fiber and flax oil in the process 🙂 I promise you can’t taste the healthy add-ins an I double promise these taste the same and will be your new favorite snack!

Just consider for a moment, those chocolatey “energy” and give-you-the-false-impression-you’re-eating-something-wholesome snack bars in your pantry, they’re full of sugar, processed sugar. They’ve got preservatives out the wah-zoo.

No Bake Chocolate Cookies, you will need:

3 tablespoons skim milk (or vanilla milk alternative, just skip the vanilla at the end. I don’t recommend almond milk bc you don’t want to counter the peanut butter)
1/3 cup raw sugar
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
1/3 cup peanut butter
1/8 cup wheat germ (I was out so I subbed wheat bran, still amazing)
1 1/2 teaspoons ground flax seeds
1 cup organic quick cooking oatmeal

Heat milk, sugar and cocoa powder over high heat until boiling, stirring constantly.
Remove from heat and stir in vanilla and peanut butter; stir until peanut butterm is blended and melted in.
Stir in ground flax seeds, wheat germ, and oatmeal.
Drop by large spoonfuls onto wax paper
*if you remember these from way back when-you remember they don’t set up on rainy days. But I highly recommend still making them and eating the gooey goodness straight from the bowl. Sometimes putting them in the fridge helps to set them.

Our grocery bill this week was $0. I planned our dinners around what we had. So tonight, we had black bean quesadillas, basil and almond quinoa, and some greens! Mmmmm.

We will reward ourselves for our good grocery bill by going to black bean soup Thursday at Panera; and a Mediterranean Veggie Panini (with hummus). Now be jealous.

Time for nightcap of hot tea. Ciao a tutti!

One comment on “HealthIER No Bake Chocolate & PB Cookies

  1. YUMMMMMM. Black bean Thursday?! Um, count me in! Haha — I’ll quite likely be going tomorrow, too!
    Your dinner looks lovely 🙂 I just love reading your blog.

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