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I thought meal planning was for moms…

We made a coastal favorite, red beans & rice, last night. Typically, conecuh sausage goes in with the red beans and seasonings, but instead, Russell grilled some and and kept it to the side for himself. And of course, we used brown rice. Those who say they don’t like brown rice, I just don’t get it. After dinner, we whipped up some tabouli to have on hand for the week. If you haven’t had this cracked bulgar wheat salad… you are missing out.

I thought meal planning was for moms. But now that I am working, I find it difficult to frequent the grocery store as often as I did when I was a stay-at-home housewife. So, since I decided to do this vegetarian thing, it is so nice to plan out the menu for the next week, and do all (well most) of my shopping on Saturdays at the produce market, and Sundays at the store. Of course, things come up during the week and I have to make a quick stop or 2, but I am not wasting and hour everyday at the store when I could be at home tossing up something delicious.

Monday will start week 3 of going veg. I have loved making up recipes and getting recipes from fellow bloggers. We have eaten out only twice in the last two weeks and I don’t really miss eating foods with hidden ingredients and msg. The only thing I don’t think I can make at home is sushi, so a visit to a sushi bar is probably in my near future. A fabulous vegan friend of mine (& inspiration) posted some sweet potato veggie sushi rolls she had in St. Croix, and needless to say, this only intensified my need for some wasabi and pickled ginger.

There may be a night we have plenty of leftovers from the night before or we don’t really feel like what I had planned for the night. But planning makes keeps shopping easy, and reminds me to do things like soak dry beans for the next day. The plans go something like this: I realize this may not work for everyone, but it works for me. Meals get shifted around and often make it onto the next week’s menu just because I did not get a chance to make it the week before. I keep a copy taped to the inside of a cabinet door right next to my stove top and oven. Doing this has opened my eyes to all kinds of wonderful and delicious foods that fit outside our southern style “norm.” On the top of outside the norm, I’m about to whip up some sweet potato and millet muffins. I will let you know if they are a success or failure.

Oh, have you tried Vanilla Chai tea from Bigalow? I add a splash of cream or milk to the steeped tea and everything bad melts away! It’s a gateway to dhyāna in my cup!

Enjoy eating and cooking 🙂 Ciao a tutti!

P.S. any kale recipes are appreciated!

One comment on “I thought meal planning was for moms…

  1. Brittany you are having so much fun cooking. Are we related:)

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