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Storms bring QT

These are the days I cherish the most. Rainy days when the power flickers and the color of my sauvignon mirrors my mood. If only a fire flickered, this night would be complete. In the hustle and bustle of our new life, sometimes it is hard to find time to just be with one another, no distractions. Tonight, it just took the power to flicker off then back on for us to leave the television aside, phones down, and just be together. This is the man I married:

There’s not much that is sexier than a man with a guitar. Not to mention, he proposed after playing/singing a beach boys song a year and 3 days ago! He played it last night before we left to go to our small group; I was blushing the whole time.

So it’s the small, simple things that bring joy to my life. As much as I enjoy cooking lavish meals in my sanctuary (my kitchen), making tostadas with my favorite man is just as much fun.

I have to give props to the pancakes Russell woke up early to make me on a Monday morning. And to our awesome small group from MR Assembly of God, whoever came up with the food theme last night that included almost all fruit & veggies, and for the little bowl of baked beans that you left ground beef out of, grazie. It feels good to be loved 🙂

When I go home to Auburn, I always go to my grandparents’ house. I make dinner for them or my grandmother gives me lessons on homemade biscuits. Sometimes, my grandmother (we call get Nonnie) and I have girlfriend talk at the dining room table. These convos entail everything from life experience, to the naughty & the nice. It’s a time I love and will cherish years down the road.

Remember to love and be loved. Make the time. Ciao a tutti.

One comment on “Storms bring QT

  1. LOVE this post! You have such a beautiful way with words and a kind, in-touch sensibility.

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