Going Veg, Day 5 & 6 *farmers market*

Yesterday we celebrated being married for 6 months 🙂 Yay us! We decided to splurge and eat out, so we ended up going to Panera. We could eat & I could work on editing my mother’s book afterwards, since I had Friday off from work. I had some yummy pesto vegetable soup and a greek salad. Russell decided he needed some meat so he went with a turkey sandwich. He can cheat, since this is really my experiment on myself. We had a vinegar-based slaw, baked beans (vegetarian), and veggie burgers. We ate them on the tasty homemade buns I made last night. Russell wasn’t impressed with the veggie patty & I have had better. I would probably go for the Gardenburger brand over the MorningStar Farms brand next time. *a plug for my dad’s restaurant in Auburn: Louie’s main focus is chicken fingers, catfish, and real beef burgers-but, if you know this little secret, vegetarians can go and enjoy a burger too… Dad has Gardenburgers by special request only and he doesn’t advertise it. If you have been, you also know he has a daily offering of green beans, purple hull peas, fried okra (not healthy, but probably better than french fries), and steamed broccoli & cauliflower.* End unpaid advertisement here.

Oh have you tried these agave sweetened little gems?


Today was a naughty day. We spent the day visiting Russell’s grandmother in the nursing home, then we went over to his parents for dinner. Lunch was mozz sticks (not healthy and not proud of that choice). I didn’t want to impose on my in-laws, so I didn’t turn down the fresh gulf shrimp his dad picked up at a local fish market this morning. I am telling myself that shrimp doesn’t count as animal fat & protein because shrimp are arthropods (the same category that crabs, crayfish, lobster, AND insects fit in).So in essence, that ant you stepped on and killed this afternoon, I ate its cousin. So I screwed up, kill me.

But I suppose some vegetarians eat fish. I know vegans would not dare touch the shrimp on account of not harming the little sea creatures and PETA has an article of Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Shrimp. But I am not a vegan and not really a vegetarian yet. But if I truly notice a difference in how I feel after trying this out, why not becoming an official vegetarian.

Flea markets. Known for other people’s used junk, whining caged puppies (inhumane in my opinion), and, the reason for my visit, local produce. Heirloom tomatoes, eggplants, sweet corn, purple hull peas, sweet potatoes from across the bay, and watermelons from Grand Bay. Of course there was a small selection of produce that wasn’t local. The best things about fruit stands: their prices are better, the produce was picked that day or the day before (the local stuff), and most people don’t use commercial pesticides on their homegrown veggies. I still wash everything (veggie wash is awesome).

Anyway, after my day of not eating so well, I need some brown rice and fruit. A little TLC for the body & soul. Some peppermint tea is probably in my near future as well. Ciao a tutti 🙂

2 comments on “Going Veg, Day 5 & 6 *farmers market*

  1. Oooh! I love that brand of coconut milk ice cream, but have never tried the sandwiches! I must. Sounds like an excellent day, “naughty” as it may be 😉 (hey, I’m not judging.. I eat dessert every day, just about!)
    No worries about eating shrimp this time (it’s your first week, after all, so cut yourself some slack 🙂 ). I never liked shrimp (but I went veg when I was still a kid, so I was still in the “ew, that scary, I don’t want to eat it” frame of mind), but my real reason for not eating them to this day is that I had sea monkeys back in the day and got pretty attached to them. Then, my 2nd-grade-best friend had a “bring your pet” sleepover — how that could ever seem like a good idea to ANY parent, I just don’t know — and my beloved sea monkeys got spilled in the chaos! Tragedy ensued. 😦 So, dead arthropods are just a sad association in general for me — haha.
    Keep up the blog, Miss B. Rae! I love reading it!

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