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Going Veg, Day 4 *Marinated Slaw

We had a few leftovers so I did not have to cook tonight. A well deserved break from my long cooking night yesterday. I did marinate some chopped cabbage in red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, EVOO, scallions, & herbs. This coleslaw is a great sub for mayo based flaws and it’s wayyyy better. If you added feta, it would similar to that of Zoe’s.

On a nonfood note, I’ve reduced my long acting insulin by 2 units, I have more energy, my blood glucose #s are better (not that they were awful), and my digestive system is happy.

Back to the kitchen, homemade bread is one of the simplest things to make. Tonight, I made a pan of buns for veggie burgers tomorrow night, a loaf for some friends that watched our house while we were gone 3 weeks, and experimented with 2 mini loaves of cinnamon bread. All from one batch! I altered a quick white Amish bread recipe and added freshly ground oats and flax seeds. I also added wheat germ and some soaked soft winter white berries. I use unbleached bread flour and raw sugar (not refined). Can someone say FIBER?

Fresh baked breads make our house smell wonderful! Oh and don’t worry, we don’t plan on chowing down on all these carbs. Your friends will love when you drop of fresh baked breads. Trust me.

Oh, Itaught Russell how to make hummus last night! Dip it up with organic celery :)mmmmm. Speaking of Russell, our August copy of Southern Living came in the mail today; he bought me (us) the subscription!


Can you those little winter wheat berries, specks of flax seeds, & swirls of cinnamon? šŸ™‚

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