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Going Veg, Day 1 *Barley stuffed Zucchini

In an effort to see if the health benefits of eating a vegetarian diet outweigh me giving up chicken, turkey, and pork, I’m changing our diet for a week. It may go beyond a week or I may just incorporate new tasty veg recipes to go withy grilled chicken.

I gave up red meat almost 4 years ago and after working in a health food store for 2 years, I was introduced to tons of grains and beans that had more beneficial proteins that were easier on your body and digestive system.

Since we got back late last night and I didn’t have time to make dinner and take leftovers to work, I whipped up some Near East couscous and took that and local blueberries to work today.

For tonight, I thought I’d go easy on Russell and not introduce Swiss chard quite yet 🙂

Russell sautéed up some onion, yellow, green, and red bell peppers and boiled some barley that I soaked overnight. He tossed in some garlic and EVOO, Celtic sea salt and pepper.

I cut 4 zucchini in half and scooped out the middle, creating little boats. I threw that scooped out zucchini in Russell’s sauté pan.

After it all was looking tasty, we put the the barley in with the veggies, stirred it up, the filled with zucchini boats with the veggies and barley. I topped them with a tiny bit of Parm and baked at 350 for 40mins when the zucchini was tender. Served with a mixed green salad & cucumbers soaked in vinegar.

Since we have fresh, ripe peaches from Chilton County, I peeled and cut 3 peaches into wedges. I put them in the bottom of a pitcher, brewed some black tea, and put in the fridge. No sugar needed, the slightly sweet and flavored peaches were perfect for a hot Alabama summer day!


One comment on “Going Veg, Day 1 *Barley stuffed Zucchini

  1. Yum! Brittany, this meal looks fantastic! Such a decadent “first veg” meal, I may have to try this zucchini boat business sometime… congratulations on making the switch 🙂 It might be hard in Alabama but it seems like you’ve got it down!

    Kind wishes,

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